August 1, 2013

Oxagile has a long and successful history of custom software development and has assisted a great number of clients on a global scale with building their business around online opportunities. The company’s portfolio numbers simple eCommerce storefronts as well as complex web solutions and eServicing products and in many cases features integration with payment gateways where Authorize.Net comes as the primary option. View our featured Authored.Net integration project here.

Authorize.Net is by far the largest payment gateway solution these days used by more than 375 000 merchants in the USA and Europe and allowing them to process more than 88 bln payment transactions each year. Given that only in the United States revenue from online retail transactions is forecast to reach $361.9 bln by 2016, while the number of online purchasers is expected to increase to 175 mln, the number of retail companies online as well as e-consumer products will also augment, requiring web developer expertise to connect payment applications with credit card processing networks.

Authorize.Net as a major intermediate in the communication process between an app of a merchant and payment processing networks that spares retailers the headache of developing a complex infrastructure, backbreaking for small and medium-sized businesses, provides not only a point of connection to merchant accounts, but also value-added solutions to exploit transaction data, automate recurring processes and facilitate routine payments for end-users.

Oxagile well-familiar with Authorize.Net helps its clients both implement simple checkouts compliant with PCI DSS and leverage the full potential of Authorize.Net features by integrating payment transaction analytics and facilitating recurrent billing operations via Transactional Details API, CIM and ARB solutions and transforming their online solutions into true CRM and business automation apps.

Our team of senior specialists at Oxagile knowing ins and outs of ecommerce platforms from Magento to osCommerce and the essence of integration process down to enterprise application integration with ESB and BizTalk Server creates payment functionality that ensures security, correct transaction processing and fast and easy implementation for online merchants as well as safe and intact sensitive personal and financial data handling and speedy checkout process for shoppers.

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