April 8, 2016

WebRTC Global Summit is a major event within the real time communication space, bringing together industry’s foremost pioneers, WebRTC pundits, major browser representatives, developers, and other experts. The conference will take place on April 11–12, at the Cavendish Conference Centre, London, UK.

Oxagile has always been an ardent WebRTC promoter and evangelist.

We took a keen interest in the technology when it was bleeding-edge in 2013, and have completed dozens of related real time communication projects since then. We have also been busy developing partner relationships with industry leaders such as TokBox.

Let’s touch base at the WebRTC Global Summit 2016 and see if we can leverage our WebRTC software development know-how to help you reach your business goals!

Mihail Romanovsky, Head of Business Development UK, will be available at the conference to present Oxagile’s multi-year expertise in the WebRTC space. For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mihail at mr@oxagile.com, or call 0-772-934-3747.