Let’s get acquainted!

Our team will be around to delve into the atmosphere of media trends, tech, and industry experts. Are you in? We hope it will be a great time in the company of like-minded people from the community of broadcasters, software vendors, and entertainment organizations.

Wonder how we can add value to your business? Having years of experience in delivering high-quality video solutions, Oxagile joins media and broadcasting companies as a:

System integrator

  • End-to-end video processing and delivery pipeline setup
  • Infrastructure improvement

Custom software development partner

  • Frontend applications
  • Backend software development

Driver of innovations

  • Computer vision
  • Machine learning
  • Data intelligence

Have an open question? NAB 2022 is a perfect time to get the answers

Have you ever experienced any barriers on the way to expanding your accounts and increasing market share?
Do any of these concerns sound familiar?


Flexibility wanted

“We’re losing weeks on tricky customizations for our enterprise client. There’s no end in sight and no chance to proceed with urgent integration requests from other companies we partner with. I’m not saying about any business growth perspectives, as we’re torn between the demands of current customers.”

We can double your powers by:

  • Upgrading your solution to a more flexible infrastructure (cloud included)
  • Maximizing solutions performance (with premium live experience among others)
  • Scaling the system to win more enterprise clients
  • Adapting existing infrastructure to interactive broadcasting

Revenue control missing

“Data is power, and I fear our company currently has a lack of insights. Is our content thrilling for the audience? Have we managed to generate significant revenue from new streaming shows or ad campaigns? Any tips to upgrade our content creation strategy? While there are more questions than answers, we have limited access to this knowledge via our distribution partners.”

What we offer for better transparency:

  • Direct-to-consumer video app creation
  • Multi-platform reach (Roku, smart TVs, Apple TV, Android TV, etc.)
  • Data integration for audience intelligence
  • Personalized data-driven advertising solutions

Automation required

“Finger counting doesn’t work anymore when it comes to calculating manual processes. Video processing and content ingestion flows are far from being efficient, and negotiations with our partners seem to be endless this month. I feel that over-processing is slowing down the progress on any service updates.”

How we’ll favor efficiency:

  • Automation of MAM processes and content ingestion flows
  • Optimization of content syndication, partner communication, and promo management
  • Applying CV and ML strengths for efficient video processing
  • Low-code reusable front-end functionality

Personalized offers needed

“Every new day brings customer losses instead of joy and hope. Some can’t yield the temptation of chasing more cost-effective offers, others have a thirst for the unknown, joining the audience of new media and entertainment players on the market. And there’s no way for us to cut streaming service costs to attract thousands of price-sensitive viewers.”

How we’d act to let viewers stay by your side:

  • Introduce personalized streaming, content curation and discoverability, using the best from CV and data intelligence
  • Add FAST channels for expanding the subscriber base through much desired laid-back viewing
  • Enable value-added platform experience, including second-screen and content management on the user side
  • Provide premium live streaming quality and interactive broadcasting

Ready to share your thoughts or ask for advice?

We are always glad to be of service. If you need the end-to-end video processing pipeline setup, cloud migration, system integration, advanced advertising, or audience analytics, we’ll willingly strengthen your market positions with our years-long experience in video streaming and cross-domain data intelligence, computer vision, and performance engineering knowledge.