Conquer users with OTT at scale: who’ll help you win this strategy game?

Amsterdam’s holding breath in anticipation — a world-famous event for media and broadcasting will soon gather industry leaders under one roof. On top of discovering the latest trends and exchanging visions, you are likely to find the answers to your vital concerns.

Who’ll eagerly await you at IBC, stand 5.G40?


End-to-end video system integrator and developer


Oxagile’s innovation product partner


This tandem will show you the demo of cognitive automation cases to introduce the areas of our potential contribution to meeting consumer interests.

Besides, we’re all set to give you a comprehensive overview of all the tips that let you become a winner of the battle for consumers’ hearts.

Wanna know all the hints?

Stick to the right tactics to get closer to consumer-driven OTT

Our team is ready to share some insights right now. Just come by our booth — and we’ll give you effective strategic ideas.

Enable personalized experience

Give viewers what they want even before they formulate a request. Exceeding user expectations will turn your platform into their favorite “oldie” that they’d love to come back to again and again, and where any implemented innovation feels natural and intuitive.

Get fair tips and tricks confirmed by our online video expertise:

  • Multi-platform video delivery (Smart TV, Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, etc.)
  • Value-added platform experience, like split-screen interactivity and second-screening
  • Personalized streaming and discoverability of content
  • Targeted recommendations
  • Augmented laid-back viewing experience, including movie or sport season highlights and extra cast info provision

Implement cognitive automation

Automation with human-like comprehension hits two targets with one arrow — saves your time, exponentially minimizing the number of manual, error-prone processes, and does its bit to make a multifaceted solution remarkable for its enhanced efficiency.

Proven drivers of this strategy line are:

  • Automation of MAM processes, content ingestion flows, content syndication workflows, etc.
  • Automatic generation of movie, series, or episode trailers
  • Automatically-controlled compilation of movie key scenes
  • Automated opening / end credits detection (the skip function is on)

Focus on targeted TV and audience intelligence

Our integration expertise, data intelligence experience, and AdTech knowledge make up a winning combination to analyze consumers, their desires, and behavior with greater accuracy and precision, thus shifting to more targeted TV and advertising.

Use the wild cards from Oxagile and AIHunters:

  • Dynamic ad insertion
  • Context-aware video ad insertion
  • Video advertising workflows automation
  • Video performance, ad performance and audience analytics
  • Efficient preference-based monetization strategies, including FAST, SVOD, TV Everywhere, hybrid and more

Maintain a seamless quality of experience

How to unite flexibility, reliability, lightning speed, and efficiency into a single online video solution marked by impeccable performance and scalable infrastructure?

Leave it to Oxagile’s online video development and performance engineering team who’ll:

  • Configure video streaming pipelines
  • Build video processing and delivery workflows
  • Enable a microservices architecture
  • Permit a more flexible infrastructure, moving to the cloud
  • Continuously monitor QoS
  • Enhance overall system performance
  • Integrate the solution with third-party systems and components

Who’s already game?

Partnering with all sorts of video content creators, telecoms, broadcasters, Pay TV providers, online video platform providers, and MAM software vendors, we always prioritize end-user demands to deliver consumer-driven OTT solutions, fast and perfectly engineered.

Meet our team at IBC