Linear TV faces OTT competition

In an era increasingly dominated by OTT (over-the-top) streaming services, linear TV faces the challenge of remaining relevant and maintaining audience engagement. Designing evolution tactics may be crucial for linear TV networks to adapt and thrive amidst the shifting media landscape.

TV broadcaster: “Winning the audience’s hearts is now challenging without interactive viewing.”

“As broadcasters, we must embrace these consumer demands on their terms — through enhanced interactivity. We need a brand-new video transmission standard that would not only bring superior signal quality like 4K but also enable the same level of viewer engagement as OTT streaming services.”

The future of TV has arrived with NextGen TV Hub

The evolution of the ATSC 3.0 video transmission standard has introduced new technological opportunities for delivering personalized viewing experiences, heralding the advent of next-generation television.

Breathe life into linear broadcasting with NextGen TV

  • Engaging high-quality broadcasting

    With support for 4K video streaming and a suite of dynamic capabilities comparable to VOD services — including AI-based smart recommendations, second-screen experiences, and personalized TV show libraries — it promises a more engaging and unique viewing experience.

  • Wider audience coverage

    This integration not only expands broadcasters’ reach across both traditional and digital streaming but also enhances viewer engagement with a seamless blend of high-quality content delivery and interactive features, attracting a broader audience and enriching the viewing experience.

Explore NextGen TV through the lens of our OTT and OTA expertise

We’ll help you open doors to NextGen TV innovations, delivering vivid broadcasting experiences for your channel viewers.

Chart your course with us: Your choice, our assistance

Design a broadcasting experience with RUN3TV

Adapting the RUN3TV framework to suit each broadcaster’s specific needs involves a tailored approach to enhance operational efficiency and viewer engagement. Key services include:

  • Interactive broadcasting apps: Incorporating engaging and personalized experiences for consumers in local news, sports, entertainment TV channels
  • Customization: Tailoring the framework’s tech capabilities to fit the unique content strategy of each TV channel
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrating RUN3TV-based apps with existing broadcasting systems and technologies for smooth deployment
  • Scalability: Providing scalable solutions that accommodate varying audience sizes and growth trajectories

Gain interactivity through a custom broadcasting app

If you prefer forging your own path and integrating viewer engagement into your unique viewer experience, Oxagile is here to assist. With 20 years of experience collaborating with various media content distributors, including TV broadcasters, we have honed a range of technological best practices that enable us to create interactive elements from the ground up. Some of the features we offer include:

  • Personalized TV show recommendation mechanics
  • Customized playback navigation to diversify the experiences with scheduled TV shows, such as offering the best ones of the month or recent episodes from channels
  • Second-screen apps for engaging experiences, such as viewer voting and related show recommendations