There’s hardly any business domain that hasn’t been affected by COVID-19 during the last three years. Digital advertising is no exception. As users started to spend more hours per day with devices surfing the internet or consuming video content, AdTech got an incredible rise.

According to Statista’s forecasts, ad spending in the digital advertising niche is projected to reach $694.08 bn in 2024, with its biggest search advertising market, where the market volume makes up $306.67 bn.

The ways of delivering ads have also changed. To adapt to changing user needs, behavior, and preferences, brands are creating more meaningful and personalized messages to deliver them in the right context, tone of voice, and time of day — through powerful AdTech solutions.

Digital ad spending worldwide, from 2018 to 2028 (in bn U.S. dollars)

What’s AdTech?

Advertising technology, simply put AdTech, is a combination of software systems and tools used to help publishers and advertisers optimize their ad campaigns — generate more revenue from ad inventory and enhance ad targeting correspondingly.

In turn, ad companies provide AdTech solutions around audience and ad targeting, programmatic advertising, ad measurement, yield optimization, addressable TV, and more.

With so many AdTech firms available on the market, you need to think twice before choosing one for partnership. Experts in AdTech software development with dozens of projects under our belt, we’ve compiled a list of AdTech companies worth watching this year. Instead of trying to mix heterogenous domain representatives into a single top 10 adtech companies directory, we’ve accumulated a few subsections based on the aspects below:

  1. Top AdTech companies
  2. Biggest ad tech companies
  3. Top ad tech companies to work for
  4. Breakthrough companies in the AdTech space 2024
  5. Video AdTech companies

Top AdTech companies

If you want to find a reliable business partner to maximize your results and boost your bottom line, explore these top AdTech companies. We’ve made this list based on our extensive, decade-long expertise in AdTech and a number of important outcome-based aspects.

  1. Oxagile

    Rightly considered as one of the best ad tech companies, Oxagile stands out as a leading AdTech software development provider, connecting with global market players like AdTech software vendors, marketing agencies, and publishers (the latter include video streaming distributors, broadcasters, audio streamers, and commerce and retail media, to name just a few roles).

    Oxagile is dedicated to crafting and implementing advertising technology solutions that resonate with the vast variety of their customers’ needs, from accessing the most elusive audience to ad inventory monetization and ad processes automation.

    The team offers specialized AdTech software development and consulting services to their clients, whether businesses require tailored advertising technology solutions, extra or missing modules to add to their software products, or a thorough audit of their existing tools.

    AdTech software development

  2. iClick Interactive

    A leading AdTech firm with 98% of users reached in China, iClick Interactive leverages its proprietary data-fueled technologies to drive business growth for brands and marketers around the world. NASDAQ-listed, the company has more than 300 local and international industry awards.

  3. Moloco

    One of the best AdTech companies, this AdTech company has been consistently recognized for its performance and growth by the Deloitte Technology Fast 500, Singular ROI Index Report, and other rating firms. Moloco makes the most of machine learning to empower mobile businesses to optimize acquisition, retention, and monetization through programmatic.

  4. Mintegral

    The APAC market leader, Mintegral is famous for its mobile advertising platform that literally bridges the gap between East and West for better ad experiences. Recognizing the company’s achievements in AdTech and cross-regional mobile marketing, AVA Digital Awards named Mintegral the Platinum Winner.

  5. BYYD

    The company offers an advanced mobile advertising platform for real-time bidding on mobile inventory, making it easy to buy smartphone and tablet ad impressions in real time — within apps, games, and mobile websites. Among BYYD’s partners are global brands, including Peugeot, Microsoft, and Unilever.

Top Adtech Companies to Watch in 2024

How we can help you

Advertising workflow automation, intelligent ad placement, ad performance analytics — no matter how complicated your business need is, our AdTech experts have got your back. Leverage our multi-year experience to build an AdTech platform from scratch or customize an existing solution.

Biggest ad tech companies

Years of expertise, successfully fulfilled projects, company growth and revenue — based on these key aspects, we’ve prepared a list of the biggest ad tech companies that might help you revamp your business.

  1. Criteo

    Based in France, it’s an AdTech company that specializes in retargeting and online advertising personalization. In 2020, this firm was among the leaders in the AdTech segment in terms of revenue — according to Statista.

  2. VideoAmp

    With $113.7M in revenue and $456.6M in funding, the company is famous for its sophisticated data-driven advertising ecosystem that revamps the way media is valued, bought and sold.

  3. Integrate

    The leader in B2B Precision Demand Marketing, Integrate has been repeatedly recognized by the Inc. 5000, MarTech Breakthrough Awards Program, and other renowned firms. In 2021, the company launched a large virtual event gathering industry luminaries and the biggest B2B innovators.

  4. Ogury

    The company expanded its boundaries around the world, including offices in London, New York, Paris, Milan, Rome, Madrid, LA, Chicago, Boston, Detroit, Cologne, and Mexico. Ogury is driven by forward-thinking leaders and cutting-edge technologies, which results in exceptional growth.

  5. AdTheorent

    A pioneer in predictive targeting and a renowned industry leader in digital advertising, AdTheorent now has over 300 employees worldwide and its estimated revenue in 2023 was $170.8 million.

Digital advertising

Top ad tech companies to work for

Another list comprises top ad tech companies to work for. Here you can find cutting-edge technologies, great projects, and biggest global clients.

  1. Integral Ad Science

    The company’s main commitment is to create an environment where every employee is empowered to bring their authentic selves to work. Also, Integral Ad Science offers numerous opportunities to learn and make a difference, while driving diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  2. AdColony

    Trusted by Fortune 500 brands, AdColony is one of the largest mobile advertising platforms with a reach of over 1.5 billion worldwide users. At the core of the company is a team of mobile innovators who use the best of tech to further revamp mobile advertising by focusing on the highest quality consumer experiences. Currently, this company operates as a part of Digital Turbine.

  3. Zappi

    At Zappi, culture is the most valuable and critical asset. With an aura of trust, transparency, and openness to challenges, the company also tries to minimize its impact on the environment through several initiatives.

  4. Magnite

    The world’s largest independent sell-side advertising platform, Magnite drives an environment of continuous growth and collaboration. The company’s team comprises hundreds of people across North America, EMEA, LATAM, and APAC, who tackle problems with creativity and focus.

  5. 33Across

    Self-starters passionate about what they do, 33Across strives to unlock addressability and monetization that’s completely architected for privacy. The company fosters a relaxed work environment, where people invent elegant technology and solutions, resulting in amazing business output.

  6. Adwerx

    Powered by innovation, Adwerx specializes in personalized, scalable advertising across real estate, financial services, wealth management, mortgage, and beyond. Composed of a team of relentless innovators, the company offers great benefits, a collaborative environment, flexible location, continued education, and leadership development.

Breakthrough companies in the AdTech space 2024

After temporary ad spending halts during the years of pandemic, the digital advertising industry is expected to re-boom, with the revenue exceeding pre-pandemic levels. Here’s a list of booming advertising technology companies to watch in 2024.

  1. AcuityAds

    With the focus on real-time bidding, this AdTech leader helps advertisers run highly targeted ad campaigns across all ad formats and screens.

  2. Adverty

    This advertising platform leverages its proprietary BrainImpression algorithm to determine the optimal ad placements for in-game advertising.

  3. Kevel

    The company offers a powerful platform to build custom ad servers for further monetizing your website or app through native ads, sponsored listings, and other methods.

  4. Permutive

    With the goal to enable more intuitive first-party data for publishers, Permutive provides its advertising data management platform with scalable analytics and live targeting features.

  5. StackAdapt

    Their core product is a demand-side platform with a sizable inventory of native, display, and connected TV ads.

  6. DoubleVerify

    To give brands clarity and confidence in their digital investment, DoubleVerify provides a cutting-edge ad measurement and analytics platform — with a special focus on identifying and fighting ad fraud.

Video AdTech companies

Multi-year experts in both online video and AdTech, we’ve prepared a list of video AdTech companies worth considering for partnership in 2024.

  1. Tremor International

    One of the world’s leaders in connected TV and video, the company offers a comprehensive product suite to enable more effective inventory management and revenue optimization through the power of data.

  2. Bidstack

    Bidstack offers a powerful AdTech solution that enables in-game advertising and video game monetization, helping advertising agencies, game developers, and brands reach their specific goals.

  3. Innovid

    This AdTech company powers advertising streaming, personalization, and measurement for top-notch brands globally, helping them optimize the value of advertising investments across devices and screens.

  4. Publica

    One of the leading video AdTech companies, Publica enables publishers to maximize their revenue through key solutions, including ad pod management, audience management, SSAI, and unified auction.

  5. FreeWheel

    A TV marketplace for buyers and sellers, FreeWheel leverages digital targeting and measurement as well as the scale and quality of linear TV to deliver comprehensive video ad campaigns across all screens, data types, and sales channels.

Want a tailored platform — go for it

For more than a decade, Oxagile has been empowering AdTech vendors, broadcasters, and online publishers to boost their business outcomes through yield optimization, audience targeting, automated ad inventory management, ad personalization, and more. Our expertise also includes programmatic advertising, CTV and addressable TV, and brand safety.

If you need a custom audience and ad targeting platform or want to solve complicated challenges with an existing AdTech solution, our domain experts are here to help. Or else, after getting acquainted with the list of ad tech companies, come look at our AdTech portfolio we have at your disposal to linger round the subject of your highest interest.