We continue the series of posts dedicated to different software development team roles at Oxagile.

Though technically a marketing specialist doesn’t have anything to do with the process of software development, still he or she is an integral part of any company. So here we go with an interview with our Head of Marketing.

Mihail Romanovsky, Head of Marketing Department at Oxagile

Who is a great mobile apps developer?

Company called Rovio from Finland, the one that makes Angry Birds games, is a good example of a great developer. Honestly, it’s stunning how continuous and persistent these guys are regarding their own products. What amazes me about them as well – is how do they fund their projects – they failed dozens of times, but kept experimenting until they got the right product!

What is important in your job?

The most important thing in my job is the final result. At the end of the day what matters is the number of clients we get (the bigger and more predictable they are – the better), constant growth of the opportunity numbers and sales, psychological comfort and relationships with colleagues I’m sharing my office with, constructive criticism towards the results of my work.

How did you get on board with Oxagile?

Well, actually I got head-hunted by my previous colleagues from another IT company. The opportunity to establish Oxagile Marketing Department from scratch became the major convincing factor. That was a kind of a startup within an existing company for me. That was rather a challenge and eventually brought me in here [Oxagile LLC].

What makes you happy, or perhaps unhappy, about your job?

First of all that’s the people I’m working with. Then, the feeling of independence of our department. Successful results of my team make me especially happy about my work.

And by the results I mean, either an interesting Lead, tempting Opportunity or signing up a “promising contract” delivered by Marketing Department.

What is the most important thing in your life?

Constant self-motivation is the most important thing in my life. Should I cease finding arguments for “I’m doing this and that because of that” – I may end up wasting my life lying on a couch, or perhaps become a drunkard.

Tell us about your unique experience?

I can’t really think of one. I believe that unique experience is a complex and complicated term. It is not applicable unless you are as good as Messi, Bach or Gates – these people had unique expertise and created something extraordinary for many decades to follow.

Share with us you most insane experience?

I got married not that long time ago!

What is the first thing you say, do in the morning?

“Euronews”, a glass of water and my lap top.


Do you like cars?

I’m indifferent towards cars. By saying so, I don’t mean that I do not enjoy elegant and comfortable cars, but obviously I wouldn’t worship them.

For instance, when I face a dilemma either to go for a trip abroad or to upgrade my ride – I choose the former.

Your fundamental life principles?

“Never is enough.” Or one more: “When a human is fully satisfied with his living – he or she is either dead – or an idiot” V. Putin

What is your favorite country?

The Philippines. Recalling that place I can’t stop thinking of how much it impressed me. Unique mixture of its natural beauties: the sea, inhabited islands, palm trees and poverty makes me call this country a “place of contrasts”. There was a time when I thought of moving there!

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