April 30, 2008

Oxagile developers successfully passed the Zend PHP 5 certification exam and got the official credential of their expertise in PHP technology.

Oxagile has been providing development of PHP-based software since its very start, delivering state-of-the-art web applications to a number of worldwide clients. The company continues to successfully work on large-scale PHP projects, mastering its skills and gaining more and more valuable experience. However, it’s not only the experience that can prove the PHP expertise. To officially demonstrate its competence, the company took part in the Zend Engineer Certification program. The results are rewarding: six Oxagile developers got certified with their names listed in the PHP Yellow pages.

The ZCE certificate is an internationally acknowledged PHP certification established by Zend Technologies Inc. This examination program is highly recognized within the industry as an indication of PHP technologies mastery. The program is similar in concept to other well-known certification exams from leading software companies that are the authors of industry standards.

“Zend Certification is a significant step for a PHP developer. It is a very good chance to assess your skills, show your experience to colleagues and potential customers”, says Oxagile ZC Engineer Andrey Niakhaichyk.

What benefits does this certification bring to Oxagile? Most of all, the participation in the ZCE program helps demonstrate the company’s commitment to continued growth and professional development of its employees. And it certainly gives a guarantee to the clients that Oxagile development team has the right skills and abilities required to their PHP projects.

“Becoming a certified expert brings many benefits to the engineer, to the company and its clients. The ZCE Certification demonstrates that the current development team keeps in step with the latest PHP technology. And it helps to show our customers and prospects that we have highly qualified PHP developers where it matters most of all – their critical projects”, says Dmitry Karpovich, Oxagile CEO.

The worldwide demand for PHP development continues to grow, so does the number of suppliers. One of the best ways to stand above the competitors is to prove the official credential of PHP competence. And that’s not easy at all! In our country only 18 PHP software developers have received ZCE status through the PHP 5 Certification program. And Oxagile is really proud that 7 experts among them are part of its team!

Natalie Alexenko
Oxagile PR manager

April, 30 2008