June 25, 2019

Roche, the world’s largest biotech company and the frontrunner in personalized medicine, gathered leading healthcare companies and promising startups for a summit on June 17 in Basel, Switzerland.

Themed “Driving Healthcare into the Future…Now!”, the summit focused on novel, sustainable ways to transform healthcare from volume-based to value-based while delivering better patient outcomes and improving the quality of life.

Oxagile was qualified to attend Roche’s Innovation Summit along with the most innovative healthtech companies. “We are excited to be a part of the dialogue on the transformative journey of patient care and share our cutting-edge know-hows with the community”, said Alex Kovalenko, VP of Business Development.

Oxagile at Partnering for Innovation Summit by Roche

One of the summit highlights was the pressing need faced by pharmaceutical companies to aggregate, integrate, and enrich health data to fuel analytics and improve diagnostics. Mark Jacks, Head of Business Development at Oxagile, comments: “Big data in healthcare holds tremendous potential to drive truly personalized patient care and reduce the cost of treatment”.

A share of panels and discussions were dedicated to the intersection of IoT and healthcare, underlining the importance of connected medical devices in the shift towards value-based care. By enabling remote monitoring of a patient’s health in real time, the Internet of Medical Things opens new operational models and promotes point-of-care diagnostics and mHealth services.

“Together with the global healthtech companies, we keep pushing the envelope on patient-centric healthcare”, said Alex Kovalenko. “We’ll continue using our multi-year health IT expertise to fuel digital transformation for medical service providers and unlock new value-based care opportunities”.

Oxagile at Partnering for Innovation Summit by Roche

About Oxagile

A top-tier medical software development company, Oxagile builds robust, value-driven healthcare solutions that help health systems, hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities, and other providers enhance diagnostics and treatment, improve patient outcomes, and balance costs.

With top data talent on board, Oxagile effectively solves big data integration challenges, enabling healthtech companies to tap into the goldmine of data for never-before-possible insights and informed decision-making.

Oxagile’s IoT expertise underpins next-gen connected health solutions — from mHealth apps to telemedicine platforms to biosensors and wearables — that allow medical professionals to bring care right where the patients are.