March 5, 2012

Oxagile has been accredited by an IT consultancy company that builds up a reliable global software outsourcing network for IT solutions and marries companies from across numerous verticals with high-profile trustworthy software development providers around the globe.

Oxagile reaches out to its prospects by joining the Accelerance GPN (Global Partner Network), which acts as mediator between companies looking for a certified qualified partner to outsource their software development projects to.

To become a part of Global Software Outsourcing Network and join the Accelerance partnership scheme, Oxagile had to pass due diligence and prove that it conforms to the quality and competence standards.

In order to become an eligible AGPN member Oxagile has had to ensure that:

  • the language issue is not a hindrance: its employees have good command of English, able to provide articulate spoken and written communication, and smoothly coordinate the project with English speaking clients;
  • the company’s tech pool comprises no less than 50 employees to be able to deal with mid-size and large IT application development projects, since the Accelerance’s referral and consultancy services do not cover a short-term out-tasking need for IT specialists;
  • there is a number of verifiable references of successfully completed projects (the preference was given to US-based clients);
  • the company has a clear focus and experience in certain business domains and is competent to provide qualified business and technology expertise to the clients, requiring a specialized software solution;
  • the company nurtures best business practices, promotes knowledge management and training, and adheres to corporate values.

After prescreening the information provided by the company and vetting its eligibility in terms of expertise and credibility, Accelerance has listed Oxagile as one of its premier outsourcing partners. As agreed between the parties, Accelerance will act as Oxagile representative in the USA matching the clients’ demands for particular solutions with Oxagile programming talent and business expertise, putting special emphasis on such areas as VOD and IP video technology, system integration services, SaaS development and business software solutions.

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