May 22, 2015

On May 15-16 the Beijing Hotel held the long-awaited IT Spring 2015 conference, which took place in Minsk for the fourth year in a row. The conference dealt with issues pertaining to project management and software development methodologies, with a strong emphasis on agile and Scrum.

Oxagile and IT Spring go back a long time: the company came up with the original idea and went on to establish and sponsor the first IT Spring in 2012. This year, Oxagile once again took active part in organizing the event as well as supplied a key speaker.

The conference consisted of two parts: Agile Day and Management Day.

During day one, experts discussed all things agile: continuous delivery, behavior-driven development (BDD), Scrum in modern-day outsourcing, and agile scalability issues.

Yuri Charniauski, Oxagile’s CPO and a Certified Scrum Master, talked about the company’s approach to software development, and the various methodologies we utilize to minimize project risks.

Yuri compared agile and waterfall approaches, gave a rundown of their unique advantages, and offered important insights into choosing the optimal methodology for each specific business case.

The second day was all about business administration and general management-related questions. The topics covered were diverse: entrepreneurship, leadership, business decision-making, strategic management and finance, risk management, coaching, team-building, and many more.

About IT Spring

IT Spring is an annual event dedicated to high technology, project management, and agile methodologies in outsourcing.

Since 2012, the conference has attracted thousands of IT business owners, unit managers, team leads, high-profile software engineers and HR professionals from both the CIS countries and abroad.

Each year, IT professionals come to Minsk to discuss the current tech trends and capitalize on the networking opportunities the conference provides.


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