February 7, 2013

This month Oxagile’s competence has been recognized by the Microsoft community.

The company’s commitment has long been appreciated by its clients, who get quality solutions to handle their enterprise issues.

Oxagile’s .NET development department has extensive technology expertise and a wealth of successfully completed projects with a clear focus on the business domain.

The Oxagile team is constantly perfecting its skillset, as the company, in turn, fosters high motivation to provide top-level services, creates and develops an ongoing internal certification process for its employees as well as encourages its specialists to get certified by such technology trend-setters as Microsoft and others.

Currently, the Oxagile team numbers Microsoft Certified Professionals who hold MCPD certifications in the following areas of strength:

  • Windows Azure;
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4;
  • Silverlight.

The company has deserved high credit for building interactive RIA and video solutions based on the Silverlight technology, developing highly-productive business apps by exploiting the power of .NET Framework, and taking advantage of cloud deployments with Windows Azure upon customer request.

To obtain such a level of trust from the technology giant not only has Oxagile had to demonstrate its development competence and knowledge, but also the company has had to provide customer evidence that .NET applications developed by the Oxagile team remain in compliance with their requirements and industry standards.

Some of the company’s recent .NET projects include a comprehensive decision management system for strategy and tactics planning, based on the famous Theory of Constraints, and an interactive education marketplace for Asian students, featuring a video chat solution for higher level of tutor-learner engagement.­

Another vital point to get proper assessment from Microsoft has been the customer feedback on the overall experience of working with Oxagile to ensure that the company maintains an appropriate level of customer satisfaction.

Oxagile is proud to get this recognition from the technology leader and will continue to further strengthen its competence and skills for the mutual benefit of its clients, team and the company itself!

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