February 22, 2013

Business success is not only about great ideas; it’s about skillful talent management, right approach, adaptability, risk management and, of course, MONEY (treating it right).

And it is money that will vector IT Spring 2013.

Last year Oxagile took the initiative to organize IT Spring Conference – an IT meetup for executives, owners of IT businesses, success-driven technology connoisseurs, result-oriented team leads and project managers, and everyone passionate about what’s happening on IT playground both in Belarus and in the world.

This year the event has scaled to host 600 participants and 25 speakers, and switched to an international format. Speakers from North America and Western Europe will get on the bandwagon to share the “game rules” of doing business in IT on their ground, tell their stories of rises and falls, and reveal the peculiarities of working with clients from their part of the world.

The keynote presentations by our international guests include:

  • “Introduction to angel investing, its exploding growth and internationalization” (John Ason, Digital Entertainment Ventures fund, USA);
  • “Building a Deck and Pitching Your Startup to Growth Investors” (Seth Elliott, StartupDigest Miami, USA);
  • “Entrepreneurship” (Tom Herman, KIT Capital, USA);
  • “The Top5 Skills Required for Global Software Development” (Steve Mezak, Accelerance Inc, USA).

IT Spring this year will embrace 4 different formats and outline 2 business aspects of the Belarusian IT market. The participants will be able to:

  • listen to keynote presentations by opinion leaders, venture capitalists and angels, and successful entrepreneurs;
  • join panel discussions with the industry insiders;
  • pitch their startup ideas to venture capitalists and business angels during StartupsMixer;
  • attend seminars and hands-on meetups, following up the main conference program.

IT business in Belarus has already passed its infancy stage, when the companies focused mainly on the outsourcing model. Today our IT niche represents both the companies that are leaders in providing quality IT services and the companies that are successful in selling their own software products. That’s why IT Spring 2013 will be unified by these two topics: Outsourcing (Reshaped mature level) vs. Products.

This year’s conference will start a tradition to welcome spring in Belarus with IT Spring. We are all eyes and ears on what will happen this weekend to find out where the IT money is, spot the pitfalls and shoals en route to success, and to learn from others’ mistakes, not from our own stumble-upons.


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