October 20, 2009

Oxagile CEO Dmitry Karpovich is discussing future software development partnership with potential customers during the first week of November 2009.

Being a successful custom application programming services vendor for several years, Oxagile software development company established a lot of strong contacts in the USA.

As Oxagile web application development company has a long history of effective cooperation with customers from North America, and a huge number of successful projects and warm client references, company top management received a lot of requests from potential customers to meet and discuss further application development partnership.

Oxagile’s history of efficient cooperation with customers from the United States counts such successful projects as:

Oxagile software development company received meeting requests from the representatives of three American states, who are interested in software development services and custom application programming.

In the result of negotiations with the potential customers, Oxagile CEO Dmitry Karpovich got a solid schedule of meetings located in three American cities: Washington D.C, New York City and Boston:

  • November 2: Washington D.C
  • November 3–5: New York City
  • November 6: Boston.

Oxagile represents a custom programming approach to every customer or potential client and gives free onsite and online consultations with the company top management to establish long, effective and successful cooperation.

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