Ready-to-use human-like machine learning platform

  • Content analysis on scene level in contrast to a conventional frame-level DL approach
  • No need for particular training datasets: use your own or publicly available content
  • Support for professional and user-generated live and VoD content
  • Works with any content type: sports events, movies, series, TV shows, etc.
  • 2 weeks on average to adapt the platform to a new use case
  • Accurate detection of content anomalies: external ads, glitches, artificial text and more
  • Suits both cloud and on-premises deployment models

Powering ML revolution across major domains


Perform a non-supervised AI-driven semantic analysis to generate captivating sport event highlights and deliver hyper-personalized multimedia content suggestions to increase fan engagement and expand your revenue streams.

Online video

Automate the creation of eye-catching marketing materials like teasers, trailers, posters, and thumbnails for movies, series, and TV shows while boosting viewer engagement, increasing content consumption, and enhancing your operational efficiencies.

Public safety

Leverage our top-notch DL expertise to thoroughly analyze CCTV data and dash camera footage. Perform face, pose, and emotion recognition as well as comprehensive object identification and tracking to spot hazards and abnormal behavior.

Meet us at IBC Content Everywhere Hub

Together with Google and Ooyala, we'll be discussing the future of ML for M&E

Willing to know how human-like machine learning can revolutionize media operations? Join us at the IBC Content Everywhere Hub Theatre on stand 14.C15, where we’ll showcase a brand new approach to automating a wide range of complex tasks. The panel session will take place on September 14 at 11.00.

Computer vision-fueled public safety

  • Real-time video analysis, advanced metadata extraction and enrichment, insights generation, and alert automation
  • Accurate identification of multiple faces and their attributes, including emotions
  • Pose and behavior analysis for identification of violence such as fighting, kicking, and more
  • Detection, recognition, and tracking of various objects such as vehicles, license plates, unattended bags, weapons, and more
  • Accurate results even under adverse weather conditions and shaky camera footage

Our decade-long OTT 2.0 expertise

  • Tailored OTT and TV Everywhere application development across all platforms including Web, mobile, Smart TV, Apple TV, Android TV and STB
  • ML-powered video processing
  • Comprehensive media management workflow automation
  • AI-driven content compliance and quality control
  • End-to-End OTT platforms design and implementation
  • Targeted TV – AI-driven personalized recommendation

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