October 25, 2012

Oxagile, with its headquarters in the upbeat technology vibe district in New York, moves further to the very heart of the tech industry in the San Francisco Bay Area. Now since our company acts as a master technology partner for many startup companies and remains at the core of their online business with upscale software development services, we have decided to get closer to our prospects in California. On top of that, more and more of our clients come from this region with GoHairCut Inc. (an e-servicing startup that has an idea of connecting users with the best hairstylists in the area) as one of our recent clients worth mentioning.

Now Oxagile has representatives in the area where the technology, apart from being a major driving force, has also become the philosophy and a lifestyle, the area where the computer science serves the needs of common people and is completely integrated into their everyday life.

With another tidal growth in the number of Internet companies after the dotcom boom, the industry on its revival turn has realized the need for in-depth technology expertise to assist it with the conceptualization and implementation of its creative ideas; and many entrepreneurs with a new vision to be shaped and launched into the web have started to seek a technology insider to give them a hand with the development process and jump start their projects live.

Oxagile has the background of startup development partnerships and has latched on to specific details of this process, not only bringing into such partnerships our tech competence, but also seeing into the core of a business problem of such ventures. Now we have a well-tested startup collaboration model to support companies even at pre-development phases of the project and help them through seed rounds and an investor involvement process with our well-weighed service propositions, our visualization and elaboration services.

In such a situation being where this creativity is born and supporting our customers at both fronts seems logical to our company. As part of this initiative our CTO Sergey Marchuk has attended industry-dedicated events such as FailCon, Global Mobile Internet Conference Silicon Valley with even more of them still coming. Our CTO shared best practices of partnering with startups, discussed hidden stones and possible pitfalls of the process, viable work models and other related entrepreneurial technology concerns with other companies.

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