February 22, 2013

Oxagile is now part of the global network of trusted outsourcing vendors. The company has made into 2013 Global Outsourcing 100, a listing of the world’s best outsourcing providers annually produced by an independent advisor that sets quality standards in the industry and helps companies across the world make well-weighed decisions about their prospective remote partners.

The nominees are carefully examined by an independent panel of judges who assess companies from the perspective of real customers, emulating the request-for-proposal process. Applicant companies are evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Size and revenue growth;
  • Customer satisfaction and value provided for their business;
  • Company competencies and achievements;
  • Management talent.

“Outsourcing” as a phenomenon is enveloped in a wealth of fears and stereotypes because of its seemingly unruled nature, alleged communication hindrances and the lack of standardized processes. The IAOP proves that outsourcing CAN BE effectively managed and IS effectively managed, and it gives considerable edge to many businesses when provided by the right partner.

Oxagile has received a valuable IAOP reference and has been expertly advised as a reliable service provider to entrust development projects to, based on the following achievements:

  • despite a relatively small size the company has a steady revenue growth, which is good evidence of the growing customer satisfaction and the company’s successful performance;
  • Oxagile expands its global customer network and cooperates with the companies throughout the world, including North America, Northern Europe, Australia and Russia, and has recognized industry trend-setters such as Admeld (now acquired by Google) among its clients;
  • the company underscores high professionalism and puts it as the number one priority for further development. Today Oxagile team has certified .NET web developers and Microsoft Gold Partner recognition in application development, front-end specialists with credentials in HTML5 technology, accredited Zend specialists among its PHP app developers, and professional QA and project management team;
  • Oxagile garners top management talent, headed by its founders Dmitry Karpovich (CEO) and Sergey Marchuk (CTO), who mentor, advise and guide the team, set high quality standards and remain unquestionable visionaries of Oxagile policy, IT trends and innovations within the company.

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