July 2, 2013

Oxagile LLC, a leading provider of cutting-edge software solutions and services across a range of domains and developer of mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows 8 platforms, has upgraded its ratings in the top web development companies list according to bestwebdesignagencies.com and now occupies the 5th position at the table.

The top rating created by the resource managed by E-ventures Worldwide company provides a thorough and rather rigorous analysis of more than 10,000 companies engaged in the industry and delivers unbiased opinions on quality, reliability and credibility of IT companies. The rating resource is extremely popular with possible customers, who use it as a trustworthy reference searching for a company to develop a piece of custom software, create a top-notch mobile app or build a user-friendly web portal or website.

Web Development Rating provided by the agency is based on a range of strict evaluation criteria. Quality of the delivered projects as well as its overall performance is paid much attention. Multiple aspects are examined, namely browser compatibility and code security. Of no lesser importance is the ultimate level of customers’ satisfaction with the delivered web solution, their own opinion and estimate of the working process and the obtained results, communication convenience and technical assistance provided. The top ranking positions awarded by the rating agency prove company’s reliability in the eyes of customers and ensure that all the project requirements and objectives are met in the working process as well as the obtained results appeal to the public.

Oxagile web development team is proud to receive that ranking as it is a tangible prove of the company’s intention and their own efforts to excel in the area. Attention to customers at the initial stage of the project, at the time when the working process is in full swing as well as after the web project has been deployed is an indispensable part of Oxagile’s everyday performance. The company strives to do the best of the customer’s input in the project and delivers top-notch solutions and services, which go in line with the industry standards, meet the project requirements and ensure the popularity of the web solution with end-users, thus guaranteeing the ultimate customers’ satisfaction.

However, that’s not the time to rest on its laurels and the company will continue its path to perfection, trying to achieve new goals creating websites, which appeal to customers and users with their design, performance and architectural logic.

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