August 6, 2013

Oxagile LLC, a leading provider of cutting-edge software solutions and services across a range of domains and developer of mobile applications for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry platforms has launched a web resource Apptraction at, which targets mobile development, describing the available services provided by the Oxagile’s division – Apptraction – and a range of technologies the company’s specialists work with.

Mobile development is nowadays in full bloom, providing top-notch applications across a range of domains, multiple mobile platforms and diverse form and size gadgets. Development for mobile does differ from other kinds of application development in target audience, design peculiarities, feature organization and performance requirements. At the same time customers searching for a trustworthy and quality IT development provider are to be treated in a special way. Apptraction by Oxagile meets all those requirements combining a special approach to customers and a vast expertise in providing services and delivering solutions to respectable and reputed companies and enterprises across multiple industries.

Apptraction provides all the information necessary for a potential customer to take the right decision and understand, who will realize their ideas into a mobile application. The web-resource highlights the main issues a customer might have when searching for a development service provider as well as Oxagile’s benefits, which will contribute to a successful solution implementation. A brief description of the provided solutions as well as enumeration of mobile platforms the company’s experts work with assure that the company has a substantial experience in mobile development as well as a long list of implemented solutions and launched mobile apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

Successful mobile development is not just a fabulous app at the end with spectacular performance, a neat code and cool design. It includes a lot more starting from a meaningful two-side communication process with a client as well as a smooth full-cycle development process, which encompasses a detailed specification of all the customer’s requirements, a sensible scheme of delivered iterations, thorough quality assurance procedures and quality maintenance and support if there is a necessity.

Oxagile company being at the software market for about a decade delivers all that and adds a deep experience-based understanding what customers look for and need to have in mobile applications. Apptraction is a direct communication channel to Oxagile’s mobile development department and might well turn to be the first step forward to a successful implementation of a customer’s mobile app.

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