November 19, 2008

On November 15, two Oxagile lead software testers passed with success the ISTQB certification exam, held in St. Petersburg and proved themselves to be true test professionals.

Systematic software testing as well as any other engineering discipline has its own standards and knowledge certification programs.

One of the most reputable and widely recognized standards is International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB) certification. ISTQB has more than 100,000 certified software testers in more than 30 countries. And 2 representatives from the Oxagile QA team have recently joined the ranks.

The ISTQB certification program is comprised of 2 major levels: Foundation and Advanced. The Foundation exam covers such topics as “Fundamentals of testing“, “Testing throughout the software lifecycle“, “Test design techniques”, “Test management” and some others. The Oxagile QA team manager and senior software tester passed the 1st level of certification with flying colors: they scored 35 of 40 possible credits.

This equals 87,50% when a minimum of 65% is necessary! But the Oxagile QA team doesn’t mean to stop on its way to further certification. “Passing the first examination level gives us a basic certificate. To some extent, it’s enough to demonstrate that you have the knowledge and skills necessary for your everyday software testing activities. But those who are eager to maximize their potential and advance career options go through further levels which are more complicated and require more profound knowledge. And we are already planning to pass the Advanced level of certification in 2009”, – says Anna Dolbik, Oxagile QA team manager.

For hundreds of companies (sending their test practitioners to take this exam) to have an ISTQB certified tester ensures a better organized process of testing, resulting in a higher quality of released software, reduced product risks, and lower project costs for a customer. At the beginning of next year Oxagile intends to have at least 3 more ISTQB certified software testing professionals.