March 15, 2010

12 Jan 2010 – Oxagile software development company founded its own subsidiaries in UK and Sweden. This is another milestone in Oxagile company growth strategy. The background behind this decision is the extensive UK and Sweden software development market knowledge, large experience, happy customers in Europe, and substantial business, which Oxagile software development company has been successfully broadening and expanding in UK and Sweden for many years.

By setting up sales branch offices in United Kingdom and Sweden, Oxagile software development company has expanded its customer proximity and market presence. The main focus in Sweden and UK, same as with all other countries Oxagile company has local offices in, is on supplying web development and mobile application programming services in the fastest and the most convenient way and ensure smooth and clear communication with customers via local representatives in these countries.

“We have succeeded in filling the individual sales positions in Sweden and UK with experts who have longstanding professional experience. We value our customers most of all and do our best to bring them maximum convenience in communication when providing them with our software development services,” says Dmitry Karpovich, Oxagile CEO.

Contact Oxagile representative in Sweden and in the UK.