April 3, 2019

For this year’s NAB show, we took up the challenge to empower broadcasters and content owners with next-gen video processing capabilities that unlock new efficiencies and drive better business results.

By leveraging our video expertise and AI know-hows, our R&D unit has broken new ground with a video processing solution that decodes content DNA.

Our approach relies on cutting-edge non-supervised deep learning to intelligently segment videos into meaningful clusters and identify implicit relationships between media clips.

The solution’s powerful meta extraction and semantic analysis engine dramatically facilitates media post-processing while enabling a plethora of novel possibilities.

Think semantics-driven ad detection and placement, automated content QC and regulation compliance, hyper-personalized content filtering, plagiarism detection, emotional journey prediction, and more.

Curious to see our solution in action? Come visit our booth SU14208 from April 8 to 11, and our team will gladly run a demo and discuss ML-enabled benefits in the OTT space.

If you are interested in booking a meeting, drop us a line or connect with our team directly: