April 19, 2013

Oxagile is pleased to become a Member of the 10gen Partner Program. 10gen is the company behind the leading NoSQL database MongoDB. Today this technology is the second top trend after HTML5 with iOS, Android and Hadoop behind.

The Oxagile company has long seen the benefits of and the opportunities provided by this NoSQL database, and helped its clients to implement horizontally scalable applications for data management based on MongoDB.

Arrays, strings and, in general, volumes of data are snowballing, and this inevitably triggers out locked-in data architectures that become a real pain for developers to modify, and entail enormous efforts and significant financial resources for web companies that face data management issues and want to grow their business.

Oxagile team makes it painless for its customers, heading for big data solutions, to build their business around the principles of real data flexibility, scalability and constant business growth in mind. Oxagile is guided by agile spirit and aims to provide its customers with the whole set of benefits that this approach offers. MongoDB in this case reflects these fundamental principles in their essence.

NoSQL is a way to overcome many of relational database bottlenecks. MongoDB allows developers to forget about the headaches of the tedious O/R mapping process and toils and moils of persisting object data into relational ones, and vice versa. This database offers JSON-based data persistence model and goodies like autosharding, replication and dynamic schemas, while keeping the best of relational database principles.

A lot of big-companies like Disney, Guardian, Foursquare, Craigslist and others relied on MongoDB to store their data more efficiently and expand the scale of their business. Oxagile offers high-quality development services and leverages the opportunities provided by MongoDB to help its clients get the edge by smart data management and build big data solutions, content-driven applications, and data hubs like social networks with future advancements in mind.

Contact us to implement your smart data management solution on MongoDB!