Oxagile Application Development Solutions across Industry Verticals

IT is a driving force in a modern business world and a must-have tool to provide value-added services across various industry verticals, boost KPIs and generate higher revenue. Oxagile blends its technology expertise with domain knowledge to offer the right IT application development solution and meet your specific needs and industry requirements.

Oxagile ever-growing portfolio of successful projects and solutions for a variety of business segments builds up our expertise, and translates into efficient knowledge management and process maturity, which are at the core of Oxagile holistic approach. We map trends in various market niches, complement them with our comprehensive tech insight and help you get a winning position on the marketplace.

Entertainment and Media

Media Asset Management, Video Messaging, Media Players, Digital Rights Management, Social Bookmarking, Monetization, System Integration, Web Content Management, and more.

Information Technology

Issue Tracking, Knowledge Management, Personnel Management, Scheduling, CRM, Web Content Management, Email Marketing and Mass Mailing, and more.

Education and E-learning

E-learning Applications, Knowledge Management, Electronic Libraries, Scheduling, CRM, Email marketing, CMS, Software Integration, and more.

Finance and Banking

Accounting and Finance Software, Complex Reporting, Financial Planning, Business Intelligence, Invoice Management, Application Integration, and more.


Monitoring, Reporting, Warehouse Management, Inventory Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, System Integration, and more.

Energy and Utilities

Asset Management, Issue Tracking, CMS, Reporting and Planning, Monitoring, System Integration, and more.

Travel and Hospitality

Booking Engines, Inventory Management, Scheduling, Itinerary Management, Event Management, CRM, Knowledge Base Systems, Email Marketing and Mass Mailing, Supplier Integration, and more.


Software solutions for healthcare range from EMR and appointment scheduling systems to healthcare intelligence. Healthcare is one of the emerging areas of Oxagile development expertise and we strive to refine our vertical experience to satisfy the growing demand of our clients from this domain.

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