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Real-Time Communication Project Examples

A WebRTC-Based Mobile Emergency Help Solution for Senior Citizens

A mobile emergency help platform that quickly connects the elderly with professional assistance when they need it.

The solution allows users to make hassle-free 24/7 video calls to their caregivers or a call center, while providing a real-time location tracking feature for ultimate peace of mind.

Highly Scalable Videoconferencing Platform for Education and Business

A WebRTC-based videoconferencing system with support for a virtually infinite number of simultaneous users.

The solution provides rich communication capabilities for online events and corporate training and enables real-time interpreting into multiple languages.

Innovative Machine Learning-Supported Proctoring Platform

A top-grade proctoring platform designed to provide educational institutions with a dependable way of conducting hundreds of simultaneous remote exams.

The system relies on a customized version of the OpenCV library to ensure seamless student identity verification as well as effective exam monitoring.

Modular Webinar Solution for an Advanced LMS

A self-contained WebRTC module that provides tutors and learners with effective collaborative tools while helping organizations step up their training strategy.

The solution supports one-to-many and many-to-many videoconferences on desktop and mobile with no additional plugins required.

Top-Tier Enterprise Coaching Platform

A cloud-based business coaching system that creates a single environment for the needs of corporate talent managers, business coaches, and executives willing to boost the impact of leadership development programs.

The solution enables the creation and maintenance of new coaching engagements, seamless knowledge sharing, and completely transparent ROI monitoring.