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Real-Time Communication Project Examples

Innovative Machine Learning-Supported Proctoring Platform

A top-grade proctoring platform designed to provide educational institutions with a dependable way of conducting hundreds of simultaneous remote exams.

The system relies on a customized version of the OpenCV library to ensure seamless student identity verification as well as effective exam monitoring.

Top-Tier Enterprise Coaching Platform

A cloud-based business coaching system that creates a single environment for the needs of corporate talent managers, business coaches, and executives willing to boost the impact of leadership development programs.

The solution enables easy creation and maintenance of new coaching engagements, seamless knowledge sharing, and transparent ROI monitoring.

WebRTC-Based Event Broadcasting App

A powerful WebRTC-based broadcasting app for iOS that leverages the Kurento media server for top-notch performance and communication quality.

The solution empowers teams to effortlessly manage live event broadcasts via Facebook and comes with handy features like online chat and built-in analytics.

Video Chat Platform for Web and Mobile

A WebRTC-based video chat optimized for eCommerce use.

The solution seamlessly plugs into any website, allowing shoppers to get expert advice via live video conferencing.

Business owners can analyze consumer behavior and use the provided insights to boost client engagement and sales.

Innovative WebRTC IaaS Solution

An advanced Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution that facilitates the process of creating and deploying WebRTC applications.

The WebRTC client API developed by Oxagile solves browser compatibility problems and offers developers a unified way to rapidly build enterprise-grade WebRTC applications in a matter of hours, not days.