July 30, 2013

The company has made such summer parties a traditional way to celebrate the founding and record the growth, development and achievements of our tight-knit team.

The drawing card this year was a high rope adventure course, knife-throwing, archery and other outdoor activities in special-forest-mission-unit style. Oxagilers had a chance to test their adroitness, speed, accuracy and wit in a series of challenges all for the main reward and the fun of the geek fair – $1 bln. Not really! Everything was just for the fun of the thing at the end.

The party took place in the adventure park outside the capital and offered entertainment for everyone: kids and adults; fans of the extreme, home birds and discretion examples as well as real party lovers. There were plenty of opportunities for table games, extreme and traditional sports, mixing with other people and generally for a lovable team-building.

The late evening featured ambient and relaxing party and was concluded with spectacular fireworks that left even sophisticated Oxagilers completely amazed.

The birthday celebration was a good way to record last year’s achievements of our team and reflected the “work hard, party hard” mood that we had.

The past year was marked for us with an interesting and challenging contract for a large video entertainment company; recognition by numerous industry leaders like Microsoft and IAOP, and our exploration of the new promising technology proclaimed to become the future of the Web – WebRTC – today Oxagile team is an active participant of the WebRTC movement.

Oxagile takes pride in the individual powers of Oxagilers and its ability to create a great team by faceting and making shine its employees’ talents, thus making steady movements to great results. Next year we expect even more!

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