July 16, 2008

Oxagile, a custom IPTV software development provider, will take part in IPTV World Forum North America in Chicago scheduled for 22-23 July, 2008 where the company will be presented by its local US representatives.

The event will be dedicated to the topics of growing opportunities of IPTV as a dynamic exclusive technology. The ‘hottest’ themes to be covered at the conference are: media transformation in North America and the world, business benefits of IPTV in rural heartlands, new benchmarks for home entertainment, Internet video as part of a multi-platform on-demand strategy and many more.

Today IPTV is creating headlines all over the world. This mass publicity is the result of numerous instances and stories depicting its deployments and its future. IPTV is the system through which a customer can receive both TV and video signals along with other multimedia services by means of Internet connection.

Nowadays Telecoms operators have upgraded their networks, built their IPTV platforms, fought for their regulatory status, taken their concept to market and started to acquire customers. So they have to show they can scale cost-effectively, compete on price, introduce innovative services quickly and differentiate themselves from cable and satellite (and telco) rivals. IPTV services have to make money and make telecoms a better overall business proposition than before.

Besides providing a whole range of custom software development related services, one of our primary assets is custom IPTV software solutions. In this regard, IPTV World Forum North America is the ideal opportunity for new entrants in the IPTV industry. This event is characterized by the high level of service provider involvement, professionals in the domain and provides lots of opportunities for networking. We are really excited to be there”, said Dmitry Karpovich, CEO of Oxagile.

To schedule a meeting with Oxagile representatives, please email us at request@oxagile.com or call at + 375 29 275 75 29.