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If you need a fast, scalable solution that presupposes a myriad of interactive elements like user forms, tabs, and sections, React.js is an excellent choice. Since 2015, Oxagile has harnessed this powerful JavaScript library to develop UI-friendly B2B and B2C portals, single-page web solutions, mobile apps and more — focusing on great customer outcomes.

Mine the Full Potential of Our React Competence to Transform Your Business

Oxagile has earned unrivalled experience in developing industry-specific applications. Embrace our React.js capabilities to get a solution with an emphasis on UX, business value, and improved ROIs.

Media and Entertainment

MarTech and
Digital Advertising



Bank on React.js development to ensure a compelling UX for your M&E solution. Achieve flawless performance across multiple screens, leverage native ads, and create amazing navigation experiences that place the right content just a click away. Reimagine the way you reach out to spectators and seize new monetization opportunities.

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Take one more step into the future with a React-powered martech platform. Optimize the time and effort invested in your omnichannel advertising and marketing campaigns, refine audience targeting, deliver unmissable ads to attract more clients, and increase conversions.

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Use our deep React expertise to get a solution that’s truly consumer-centric. Cater to the needs of tomorrow’s shoppers with advanced filtering options, smart chatbots, AI-powered search, and ML-driven recommendations. Grow your client base, respond faster to changing user demands, and expand to new markets.

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Tap into React.js development to build an easy-to-use HIPAA-compliant solution. Ensure a great UX that will empower non-techie clinicians and patients, helping them easily navigate an EHR or EMR system. Take advantage of our React Native skills to develop reliable, interoperable mHealth solutions able to redefine remote care.

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Count on Our React Development Mastery to Come Out on Top

Accelerate time to market
Leverage React’s declarative nature to dramatically fast-track the development process. Benefit from Oxagile’s ready-to-go components and best practices to introduce new features quicker, improve your solution’s quality, and enable early value delivery.
Save big on maintenance
Rely on React.js modular structure for streamlined code organization, better readability, and easier maintenance. Capitalize on our best practices to hand-pick the right components, improve your product’s flexibility and scalability, and dramatically reduce maintenance costs.
Enhance app performance for better UX
Utilize React’s Virtual DOM to update and render just the right components when your data changes. Avoid annoying performance bottlenecks and make sure even the most dynamic app offers an outstanding UX that will keep users coming back.
Lower development costs
Benefit from React’s component-based nature to keep the costs down. Apply the power of code reusability to build new functionality in a cost-effective way, save on hiring and onboarding additional programmers, improve overall ROIs.

Let us know your project specifics and a React.js expert will get back to you ASAP with a free, no-strings-attached estimate.

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Explore Our React Tech Stack

Being proficient in a wide range of modern languages and advanced frameworks, our React developers are ready to deliver a next-gen React.js app that perfectly aligns with your business needs.

HTML5, CSS3, Sass, LESS, JavaScript, ECMAScript
UI Frameworks
Bootstrap, jQuery UI, Kendo UI
State Managers
Redux, MobX, RxJS
Mobile Frameworks
React Native

Let Our T-Shaped React Developers Deliver

Professional React development
Our team of 40+ React programming professionals has vast experience in engineering complex end-to-end solutions for various businesses. This allows us to deliver excellent service at every stage of the software development process — from consulting and prototyping to deployment and quality assurance.
Versatile skill set
Besides React.js, our dedicated developers have in-depth knowledge of related programming languages and frameworks, including Redux, React Native, and more. Our specialists are always driven to learn new techs, helping you address any business challenge with the right tool.
Unique software craftsmanship
With a strong commitment to innovation and cutting-edge research, Oxagile’s React programmers have created dozens of mission-critical solutions — from state-of-the-art digital marketing platforms to high-performance business directories to robust videoconferencing solutions that support millions of users.

Featured Projects

At Oxagile, we pride ourselves on having established fruitful long-term relationships with high-tech startups and Fortune 500 companies alike. Take a look at our portfolio to find out how we helped our clients succeed.

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