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How to practice good “hygiene” of software development?

#10 “Hygiene” of software development (the list starts in the previous posts)

Several years ago, many software development companies didn’t use such tools as bug-tracking systems, version control and other similar tools. They just worked in Integrated Development Environment (IDE), and that was all.

But, thanks to new approaches to integration, tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio Team System and advent of high-quality systems with open source communities programmers discovered new methods and new “hygiene” of software development.

Nowadays developers should know not only how to put the code in repository, or get it from it, or how to use virtual machines to create test environment. They have to be sure that they properly coordinate their activities in their team.

Those software developers who copy everything to their personal USB flash without documenting changes in program code doesn’t welcome not only in “traditional” companies, but also in Agile-commands, where coordination and communication between team members are considered as a key factor of quality software development.

To be continued…

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