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AndroidMarket: updated and simple

The online store of applications for Android – Android Market – has been updated. New ways of payment, new categories and some other features have appeared. Now if a user doesn’t like the application he can return it to the store only within 15 minutes, not within 24 hours as it was before.You can also find new sections – vidgets and ‘live wallpaper’ and in future the number of sections are likely to increase.

Moreover, all applications have been divided into several categories, such as ‘Video’, ‘Music’, ‘Business’, ‘Sport’ and some others, which, according to mobile application developers, will definitely simplify the search.

One of the interesting innovations is a possibility to pay using the operator’s account and not the credit card. However, this option is available only the AT&T subscribers. In future, as informed in Google, the same option will be negotiated with other operators.

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