January 12, 2008

When customers are looking for outsourcing, they usually prefer agile software development methodologies. They usually ask the IT outsourcing companies, whether they are able to create software for them using agile development methodologies.

In case when the customer himself is aware very well of the processes in IT and he has selected exactly the same methodology – then there is no problem.

But very often customers select agile programming methodologies because they think that by using agile they will get the result faster and with minimum costs. It isn’t so.

As Agile management doesn’t suppose to have a long planning phase, a lot of customer’s involvement and a lot of changes after work are likely to be done, the customer should be ready to spend much more money and time until he gets the final result! Also if the project is developed in Agile, there is a very different approach to quality software.

Quality targets may change rapidly as the general project target may change very often, and as the result, quality is not measured in whether the test team will find all issues in the application, but whether they will be flexible in communicating with the customer and the project team!

So if you’ve decided to build your project in Agile – prepare to spend a lot of time and money.


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