December 19, 2008

Today IPTV is very popular, and grows up very fast. According to the statistic in 2006 in Asia the quantity of IPTV users were already 2,6 million people. In Asia the leading countries in IPTV industry considers Japan and Hong Kong.

According to the researches of “Infonetics Research” company, in 2010 the quantity of Internet TV software clients will be 48 million people. But companies, which masters IPTV industry face with a lot of technical problems, which can’t grant IPTV service in a high level.

So… speaking about IPTV future, according to the forecasts by 2011 and 2012 the quantity of subscribers for IPTV services will be 60 million peoples.

In conclusion I can say, that IPTV growth waits its time in the nearest future!


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