November 13, 2009

Oxagile developers love WordPress. By the way our own blog is based on this open source application. And today we are going to share our secrets of successful web development and WordPress blog customization. Some pieces of advice will take only some minutes to realize them; others will require some more time and more development skills. But you may be sure that all these tips will allow you to provide more qualitative blog customization services for WordPress:

Create your personal theme options panel

You definitely have noticed that WordPress blog themes and template development is one of the most popular services. People all over the world readily seek, buy and download paid, free and custom themes / templates. Moreover some of them want to change their blog design on regular basis. So your ability to provide such a possibility will be appreciated.

A theme options panel will allow you (your clients) to make changes in the current WordPress theme without code correction. This nice tool for quick and easy customization can be used by every theme developer.

Shortcode as a short way to users’ hearts

No one likes long and tricky code. All living creatures aspire to simplicity and harmony. So WordPress website developers can give them what they want – clear short codes for user themes.

You can write short code using theme’s file functions.php. The following function should be added and saved into it:

function wdl() {
return 'Web Design Ledger rules!';
add_shortcode('wdlrules', 'wdl');

After that shortcode is your little reliable friend, that definitely will help you to find a short way to your blog users’ hearts.


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