May 23, 2014

Welcome to Third Weekly Roundup from Oxagile.

Here are some articles in the world of Information Technology that we thought might be important to know.

  • Facebook Inc. is reported to be developing its own video-chat app, following its failed attempt to acquire mobile messaging startup Snapchat. Internally called Slingshot, this app would allow users to send short video messages using a touch-screen.
  • BlackBerry’s Chief Executive John Chen has implemented a high-stakes plan to return the company to profit by outsourcing much of its hardware business to Taiwan’s Foxconn, which produces most of the world’s iPhones and iPads. Could the company attract everyday customers to its new low-cost Z3 smartphone and what’s the plan to come out of pressure on BlackBerry’s enterprise business software find out reading the interview with Mr. Chen here.
  • Telecoms giant AT&T has announced plans to buy DirecTV, the number one TV satellite provider in the US, for 48.5 billion dollars. The takeover is the latest sign that the wireless and television industries are set to converge. DirecTV has been under pressure to find a partner as more viewers go online for video.
  • Last Friday, the copyright battle between Oracle and Google over using parts of Java code APIs in its Android operating systems continued to be raged. A recent ruling was decided in Oracle’s favor in an appeal process. However, this may not be the end of the dispute, because it doesn’t involve Google taking someone else’s code directly from their application, program, or software tool. It involves Google being copyrighted for using APIs that are shared among programmers and often used as tools to create something original rather than assets.
  • Google is developing a new tablet with advanced software that can capture precise 3-D images of objects. The new device, which is expected to be a version of Google’s existing prototype “Project Tango” smartphone, will likely have two cameras in the back, infrared depth sensors and advanced software that will help the device capture precise 3-D images. The tablet is expected to be released ahead of Google’s annual developer conference scheduled for the end of June.

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