April 3, 2009

Lisp (or LISP – LISt Processing Language) is a family of programming languages with a distinctive, parenthesized syntax. It has very old history (was specified in 1958 year, only Fortran is older). Nevertheless programmers use it even nowadays!

Of course, Lisp has undergone a great changes since its appearance, it originated some dialects (today the most popular of them are Common Lisp and Scheme).

The Lisp-code is written as s-expressions (parenthesized lists), the operator’s name or function goes first, and then we use arguments. But it’s better to see it all in practice. Especially in this unrealistic performance that was possible with the help of LISP and OpenGL (enjoy the internet-video).

Be patient and you will see something impressive, it will start somewhere after the 5th minute. This real work of art was created by the winner of international awards, programmer Ivan Lyambdin:

How do you like the video? As you see LISP-like programming can be used not only for software development, but also for creation of real beauty.


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