August 4, 2010

According to the research conducted by the BM Savings Company, more than half of Britain’s population (51%) never leaves their houses without mobile phones. 44% of British people can’t even imagine their lives without mobile devices.

26% of respondents admit that they feel upset after leaving their mobile phones at home and missing calls. About three quarters of the questioned people spend half an hour talking on the phone daily. And the youth (88%) don’t regret spending more than two hours daily chatting on the phone or using various mobile applications. As a result, mobile application developers work hard to create more and more useful applications for iPhones and iPads, etc.

Half of the participants consider mobile banking the most convenient financial service and 49% of them prefer dealing with real people while solving financial matters. At the same time 52% are satisfied to use mobile banking at any time at any place and 38% use this service when can’t reach the bank.


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