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Application Development for Energy and Utilities Companies

The energy and utilities sector is one of the most sensitive domains in relationship to the global economic situation. Energy and utilities sector businesses need special regard, because of their public visibility and their mission-critical processes that require thorough attention. In this industry, IT-enabled solutions are not only the source of high productivity, but also must-have surveillance systems for critical production processes, which allow suppliers to track all changes in a timely manner and, consequently, mitigate risks.

Oxagile’s Energy and Utilities Industry Software Development Solutions

Oxagile helps energy and utility suppliers implement high-end software solutions aimed at optimizing their business processes. Our clients from energy and utilities domain rely on complex systems that allow them to aggregate data from multiple sources, map market trends and dynamics, as well as maintain strict control on process compliance to industry requirements and safety guidelines.

  • The whole range of IT software development services provided by Oxagile to energy and utilities suppliers embraces:
  • Asset Management System Development
  • Monitoring System Development
  • Issue Tracking Solutions Development
  • Reporting and Planning Software Development
  • Web Content Management System Development
  • System Integration Services

One popular option in this vertical is our custom built asset management systems, used for surveillance at the critical stages of the production process, where the system feeds ongoing reports on operation progress and makes notifications and alerts about critical deviations from acceptance criteria. Such web systems are used by energy and utilities companies to control hardware equipment and can push status updates as frequent as every second or less. Oxagile applies its software development knowledge and tech skills to offer optimal asset management and issue tracking systems, as well as flexible reporting and monitoring solutions for energy and utilities businesses.

For advanced market forecasting and performance analysis, Oxagile offers flexible reporting and monitoring systems that allow energy and utilities suppliers to visualize data on enterprise processes, facilities and equipment and to use those performance indicators to make insightful reports for conscious decision making.

Why Choose Oxagile?

Energy and utilities providers leverage Oxagile’s brainpower, web application development competence and software engineering technology skills to switch from conventional to smart energy and utility systems and unleash the full potential of their businesses. Our development services put energy and utilities market players in a position of advantage through efficient asset management, risk assessment and performance visibility.

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